"Isidoro cured me of cancer"


In 1961, Fr. Joseph Escribano, then living in Canada, developed a mass between his lungs that showed signs of cancer. People around him prayed for his...


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Message of the day

“Be very childlike!”

I advise you to try to return sometime ... to the beginning of your first conversion, which, if it is not becoming like children, is very much like it. In the spiritual life you have to let yourself be led with complete trust, single-mindedly and without fear. You have to speak with absolute clarity about what you have in your mind and in your soul. (Furrow, 145)

Be very childlike! The more childlike, the better. I speak from my experience as a priest, who has had to pick himself up many times in these past thirty‑six years (how long and yet how short they now seem to me!) which have been spent striving to fulfill a very precise requirement of God’s Will. There’s one ...