My divine vocation to marry
My divine vocation to marry

Berita is a young wife and mother-to-be who discovered her vocation to marriage and to Opus Dei as a supernumerary in her workplace. Here's a bit of...

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The Prelate of Opus Dei in Nigeria, 19 - 26 July 2018

When the Father came to Nigeria

When the Father came to Nigeria

Nigeria waited 19 years for this visit. The last time the Prelate of Opus Dei came was in 1999. Many prayed and waited eagerly for July 19 and when the day finally came, nothing could be compared to the joy all felt that "He was here!"

Video Highlights of the Prelate of Opus Dei's Visit to Nigeria

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“It is a time of hope”

"It is a time of hope, and I live off this treasure. It is not just a phrase, Father," you tell me, "it is reality," Well then ..., bring the whole world, all the human values which attract you so very strongly - friendship, the arts, science, philosophy, theology, sport, nature, culture, souls - bring all of this within that hope: the hope of Christ. (Furrow, 293)

Wherever we may be, Our Lord urges us to be vigilant. His plea should lead us to hope more strongly in our desires for holiness and to translate them into deeds. 'Give me your heart, my son' [1], he seems to whisper in our ear. Stop building castles in the air. Make up your mind to open your soul to ...

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