Corruption is sweet but destroys

Corruption is sweet but destroys

For the past few months the Kenyan Catholic bishops have launched a campaign against corruption. Its success will depend on how each one of us ...

An African Challenge

An African Challenge

Many diocesan priests from around the world who go to study in Rome, as did Fr. Imo, would reside in the Collegio Sacerdotale Altomonte during ...

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Message of the day

“Chastity is a virtue”

You, a doctor, an apostle, write to me: 'We all know by experience that we can be chaste, living vigilantly, frequenting the sacraments and stamping out the first sparks of passion before the fire can spread. And it so happens that among the chaste are found the finest men in every way. And among the lustful predominate the timid, the selfish, the treacherous and the cruel--characters of little manliness.' (The Way, 124)

Your conduct should not be limited to simply evading falls and occasions of sin. In no way should you let it come down to a cold and calculating negation. Are you really convinced that chastity is a virtue and that, as such, it ought to grow and become perfect? Then I insist once again that it is not enough merely ...