"The family needs a miracle"

From the Pope
"The family needs a miracle"

In his homily on July 6 in Ecuador, Pope Francis points to our Lady's role at Cana and asks people to go to Mary's intercession, since families today...

Working for Love

From the Prelate
Working for Love

An article by Bishop Javier Echevarria that links Saint Josemaria's message on the sanctification of work with Pope Francis' recent encyclical.

Message of the day

"Personal sanctity is a remedy for everything"

"Personal sanctity is a remedy for everything. That is why the saints have been full of peace, of fortitude, of joy, of security." (Furrow, 653)

A saint, without prayer? I don't believe in such sanctity. The Way, 107

'Great' holiness consists in carrying out the 'little duties' of each moment. The Way, 817

Sanctity is made up of heroic acts. Therefore, in our work we are asked for the heroism of finishing properly the tasks committed to us, day after day, even though they are the same tasks. If we don't, then we do not want to be saints. Furrow, 529

Whoever really wants to achieve sanctity, takes no breaks or...

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