Like a Great Symphony

Liturgical year
Like a Great Symphony

An article on honoring the saints throughout the Church's liturgical year. "The Sacred Liturgy is a privileged place where we can grow in love for...

Celebrating Saint Josemaria in Dubai

Celebrating Saint Josemaria in Dubai

On Saint Josemaria's feast day, Masses are celebrated all over the world... the desert included. In a country that is officially Muslim, populated by...

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“There is no reason why the Church and the State should clash”

It is not true that there is opposition between being a good Catholic and serving civil society faithfully. In the same way there is no reason why the Church and the State should clash when they proceed with the lawful exercise of their respective authorities, in fulfillment of the mission God has entrusted to them. Those who affirm the contrary are liars, yes, liars! They are the same people who honour a false liberty, and ask us Catholics "to do them the favour" of going back to the catacombs. (Furrow,...

... 301)

You must foster everywhere a genuine 'lay outlook', which will lead to three conclusions: be sufficiently honest, so as to shoulder one's own personal responsibility; be sufficiently Christian, so as to respect those brothers in the Faith who, in matters of free discussion, propose solutions which differ from those which each one of us maintains; and be sufficiently Catholic so as not to use our Mother the Church, involving her in human...

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