October 6, 2002

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October 6, 2002

Thirteen years ago, Pope John Paul II canonized Josemaría Escrivá. A photo gallery with scenes from that day. Each photo is accompanied by words from...

October 2, 1928

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October 2, 1928

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo speaks about the founding of Opus Dei in a get-together with a large group of people in Chicago in 1988.

Message of the day

“The greatest revolution of all times”

If we Christians really lived in accordance with our faith, the greatest revolution of all times would take place. The effectiveness of our co-redemption depends on each one of us. You should meditate on this. (Furrow, 945)

You will feel completely responsible when you realize that, before God, you have only duties. He already sees to it that you are granted rights. (Furrow, 946)

Here is a thought to help you in difficult moments. "The more my faithfulness increases, the better will I be able to contribute to the growth of others in that virtue". How good it is to feel supported by each other. (Furrow, 948)

You run the great risk of being satisfied with living, or thinking that you...

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