Working for Love

From the Prelate
Working for Love

An article by Bishop Javier Echevarria that links Saint Josemaria's message on the sanctification of work with Pope Francis' recent encyclical.

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"The adventure of freedom"

"I like to speak of the adventure of freedom, because that is how your lives and mine unfold. I insist that it is freely, as children and not as slaves, that we follow the path which Our Lord has marked out for each one of us. We relish our freedom of action as a gift from God. I opt for God because I want to, freely, without compulsion of any kind. And I undertake to serve, to convert my whole life into a means of serving others, out of love for my Lord Jesus. It is this freedom which moves me to cry ou...

...t that nothing on earth can separate me from the love of Christ (cf. Rom 8:39)." (Friends of God, 35)

A Christian has to be ready to share his life with everyone at all times, giving to everyone the chance to come nearer to Christ Jesus. He has to sacrifice his own desires willingly for the sake of others, without separating people into watertight compartments, without pigeon-holing them or putting tags on them as though they were merchandise or dried-up...

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