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“A saint, without prayer?”

If you don't keep in touch with Christ in prayer and in the Bread, how can you make him known to others? (The Way, 105)

“To meditate for a while each day... befits conscientious Christians”

You go on attending some classes daily, merely because in them you acquire a certain rather limited knowledge. How is it then that you are not constant in going to the Master, who is always ready to teach you the science of interior life, with its eternal content and saviour? (Furrow, 663)

“Have I talked to him?”

It is possible that you might be frightened by this word: meditation. It makes you think of books with old black covers, the sound of sighs and the irksome repetition of routine prayers. But that is not meditation. To meditate is to consider, to contemplate God as your Father, and yourself as his son in need of help. And then to give him thanks for all that he has given you and for all that he will give you. (Furrow, 661)

“The great Friend who never lets you down”

You seek the company of friends who, with their conversation and affection, with their friendship, make the exile of this world more bearable for you. There is nothing wrong with that, although friends sometimes let you down. But how is it you don't frequent daily with greater intensity the company, the conversation, of the great Friend, who never lets you down? (The Way, 88)

"Persevere in prayer"

"Persevere in prayer. Persevere, even when your efforts seem barren. Prayer is always fruitful." The Way, 101).

“How beautiful it is to be God’s jester!”

At times, someone has told me: ``Father, I feel tired and cold; when I pray or fulfill some other norm of piety, I seem to be acting out a farce.'' To that friend, and to you, if you are in the same boat, I answer: A farce? What an excellent thing, my child! Act out that farce! The Lord is your audience - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Blessed Trinity is contemplating us in those moments when we are ``acting out a farce''.

“Christian prayer... a loving conversation with Jesus”

I have always understood Christian prayer as being a loving conversation with Jesus, which shouldn't be interrupted even in the moments when we are physically far from the Tabernacle, because our whole life is a serenade of human love for our God|... and we can love always. (The Forge, 435)

“Getting to know Him will give rise to Love”

This is the only way to get to know Jesus: speak to him. You will always find in him a Father, a Friend, an Adviser, a Helper in all the noble deeds of your everyday life. And getting to know Him will give rise to Love. (Furrow, 662)

“Off you go. Fly!”

I see myself like a poor little bird, accustomed only to making short flights from tree to tree, or, at most, up to a third floor balcony. One day in its life it succeeded in reaching the roof of a modest building, that you could hardly call a skyscraper. And lo and behold, our little bird is snatched up by an eagle, who mistakes the bird for one of its own brood. In its powerful talons the bird is borne higher and higher, above the mountains of the earth and the snow capped peaks, above the white, blue ...