Joy and Sorrow

How can one be joyful in a world like ours, where sorrow and injustice are so prevalent?

In her liturgy, the Church dares to sing joyfully of the mystery of Christ’s Cross. Sorrow does not cancel out joy if we live it in union with the self-giving of Jesus Christ for our salvation. What smothers joy is the egoism of sin when we fail to love God and our neighbor, along with a lack of repentance. If our life is dominated by a superficial culture of images, success, and power, any failure or economic reverse—even the wrinkles of old age—will sadden us. For a Christian, joy has nothing to do with the illusion of sinlessness (which is non-existent) but with the readiness to repent and ask for pardon. The prodigal son is truly joyful. I understand better and better why Bl. Josemaría Escrivá called the sacrament of Penance “the sacrament of joy.”