John Paul II

His 25-year pontificate is 25 years of world history. What is your judgment of the Pope’s mission?

This Pope’s activity is so far-reaching, his figure so significant at every level that it surpasses any kind of judgment. John Paul II is unique in contemporary history. His moral authority is universally recognized. His prestige is such that no one can even pretend to be unaware of his work on behalf of the dignity of the human person, respect for life, for peace, for the poor of this world. By his deeds, the Pope has demonstrated once more, that like his predecessors, he is “the servant of the servants of God,” the indefatigable defender of truth, the advocate of all men and women, whose dignity he believes in with all his might. Something much more important than his personal prestige is present here. In these 25 years John Paul II has made Christ present in our time, has brought mankind to find in Jesus the answer to the deep questions about human existence. Ultimately this is the source of his authority.

  • Paolo Cavallo, in Il Secolo XIX, Genoa, Italy