"I want to make a lot of Japanese friends"

Javier Palau, 18 years old, is from Guadalajara in Spain. Several months ago he decided to undertake the adventure of moving to Japan and begin learning a new language and culture and making new friends.

Personal testimonies
Opus Dei - "I want to make a lot of Japanese friends"

(Above photo: Javier at UNIV Forum in Rome with 20 students from Japan)

Little by little he is learning the language and has already made a good number of Japanese friends. Some even say he is beginning to look Japanese…. Although he knows it will be hard, he hopes to begin studying finance and business at the University of Kobe next year. He lives near the university, in Ashiya, and assists in the apostolic work of Opus Dei there.

In the brief video below Javier recounts some of his adventures after moving to Japan.