"Explain the faith in a positive way"

Bishop Javier Echevarría has conferred diaconal ordination on six faithful of Opus Dei, telling them: "Set forth the great truths of our faith in a positive way, especially those that refer to the eternal salvation of souls”

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Opus Dei - "Explain the faith in a positive way"

The Prelate of Opus Dei conferred diaconal ordination on six faithful of the Prelature from three countries. The ceremony took place in the parish of Saint Josemaría in Rome, on Saturday the 27th.

Their priestly ordination is scheduled for next September 4 in the shrine of Torreciudad in Spain. The new deacons are Alejandro Jesús Arenas (Peru), Eduardo Ares (Spain), Miguel Ángel Correas (Spain), Pablo López (Spain), Carlos Rodríguez (Spain) and Irineo Pallares (Mexico).

In his homily, the Prelate addressed the deacons with these words: “From today on, our Mother the Church entrusts to you the power of preaching the Word of God with authority, distributing the Body of Christ in Communion, and carrying out works of charity in our Lord’s name.”

“In your preaching, my sons, set forth the great truths of our faith in a positive way, especially those that refer to the eternal salvation of souls. This is a service of great importance in today’s world.”

He went on: “Today’s liturgy teaches us that in God’s goodness, mercy and justice are closely interlinked. The message is clear: let us take advantage of the time of mercy, in order to prepare ourselves each day for our future encounter face to face with God’s love.”

Specifically, the Prelate suggested reflecting on “how we are preparing ourselves for Easter, in this Year of Mercy,” asking God “for the grace to confess our sins in order to obtain his forgiveness.”

“The acknowledgement of our faults,” he said, “is the key for opening the doors of divine mercy. The fatherly and motherly hand of God is always ready to wipe away our faults if we have recourse to confession.”

Finally, he invited everyone “to draw closer to our Lord, in the remaining weeks of Lent. A deeper confession, with greater sorrow for our sins, can be the impulse needed to produce great fruit, both in our personal life and in our apostolic efforts, and always with Christian joy.”

Alejandro Jesús studied mechanical engineering at the National University of Engineering, in Lima, Peru. Prior to his preparation for the priesthood, he worked for 10 years in the sale of hydraulic products.

Irineo Pallares, from Culiacan, Mexico, has a degree in finance. He worked for 13 years in a five star hotel, starting out as a porter and receptionist and eventually working his way up to being in charge of keeping track of all income and expenses. He also helped out in Chapultepec high school, providing guidance for the students there.

Eduardo Ares studied Classics at the Complutense University in Madrid, and has taught in a number of schools. He also is a well-known oral narrator and has received several international prizes.

Miguel Ángel Correas was born in Alcazar de San Juan, in Spain, and studied Information Engineering at the University of Castilla la Mancha. For more than 10 years he worked as a teacher in a Family Farm School in Ciudad Real, Spain.

Carles Rodríguez Raventos studied Industrial Electronics and Technical Architecture, specializing in construction safety. He worked for the Swiss multinational SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) for almost 10 years.

Pablo López González has a degree in Educational Psychology. He taught Physical Education in Andel high school in Madrid up to 2010, the year when he began his ecclesiastical studies for ordination.