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"No one is born a saint, but Dora struggled to be one."

"What I like about Dora is the way that she loved others," says Lucka from the Czech Republic. Lucka is 15 years old and got to know Dora by reading her biography, A Lighted Lamp. "Of course, no one is born a saint, but Dora struggled to be one. In her presence, everyone felt loved and at the same time, she loved each person in a special way, without having preferences. I think that if we were more like her, we would make life more pleasant for others."


Not What You Expected: Dora del Hoyo

A brief video about Dora del Hoyo, whose process of canonization was opened on June 18, 2012. The video focuses on the virtues required for Dora's work as a homemaker, which she sanctified by putting love into the small details.


Saint Josemaria Talks About Work of the Home

"Housework is something of primary importance. Besides, all work can have the same supernatural quality. There are no great or mean tasks. All are great if they are done with love. Those which are considered great become small when the Christian meaning of life is lost sight of. On the other hand, there are apparently small things that can in fact be very great because of their real effects." (Conversacions with Monsignor Escriva de Balaguer, 109).


Dora: A Woman Who Found Happiness

Giovanna Costarelli met Dora in 1973 and remained in contact with her for more than 20 years. She describes Dora as a woman with a jovial spirit, a happy person. She also talks about how Dora put into practice the teachings of St. Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei.


"Dora could create a family atmosphere"

Paula Assen, from Australia, speaks about working alongside Dora del Hoyo and the example she gave of love for God and service to those around her in domestic tasks. "She had a lot of faith in the words of St. Josemaria that we have to create homes in a society that's so much against it. And we have to create a family atmosphere... because a lot of people are deprived of that these days."


A Life of Service

Dora del Hoyo, whose Cause for her Canonization was begun in 2012, always sought after happiness, the deepest happiness that one can find: the happiness of serving others: God, the Church, and all souls, in every moment. This documentary video offers a summary of her life, and personal testimonies from those who lived and worked with her.