Forging an Ethical Capitalism

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Forging an Ethical Capitalism

Cardinal George Pell, Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, has asked the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome to offer a program...

Peru Service Project

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Peru Service Project

A group of high school boys from Washington D.C. spent several weeks this summer in Peru restoring two small but artistically rich churches in...

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“Off to a fresh start!”

If you are convinced of your "poor quality" - if you know yourself - you will react to events supernaturally. Joy and peace will take a firmer root in your soul, in the face of humiliations, being despised, calumnies ... If these cases, after saying fiat - Lord, whatever you want - you should think: "Is that all he said? He obviously does not know me, otherwise he wouldn't have left it at that." Being convinced that you deserve worse treatment, you will feel grateful to that person, and rejoice at what m...

...ight have made somebody else suffer. (Furrow, 268)

We are continually experiencing our personal inadequacies. Moreover, there are times when it seems as if all our failings come together, as if wanting to show themselves more clearly, to make us realize just how little we are worth. When that happens, what are we to do?

Expecta Dominum [1], hope in the Lord. Live by hope, full of faith and love, the Church says to us. Viriliter age [2], be of good...

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